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Maintaining Close Relationships During a Pandemic

Stressful times, feelings of uncertainty, and physical confinement can create conflict and tension in close relationships.

Keeping Score in a Relationship is a Recipe for Conflict and Dissatisfaction

Black man arguing with woman, standing against wooden wall with folded arms, looking away with offended expression on her face
When people monitor their romantic relationship to see whether their partner reciprocates the nice things they do, conflicts have a greater impact on how close they feel to their partner.

When Forgiveness is Hard, Spend More Time Together

Man and woman sitting on a bench in a field
Forgiveness may be a key to relationship happiness, but shared quality time seems to be a key to forgiveness.

How a Disagreement from 16 Years Ago Can Affect Your Health Today

Older woman with a very sad expression isolated on black
Although marriage often enhances people’s health, how and when partners argue with their spouses can have negative health consequences.

Insecure Relationships Change Our View of the World

Image of a man walking alone on a road
Psychologists have long known that experiencing inconsistent attention and affection makes us anxious about future relationships. Only recently, though, has such inconsistent treatment by other people been shown to change our reactions to irregularities more generally.

Next! ... When Pursuit for “The Best” Can Undermine Your Romantic Relationships

Man sitting on soaf holding remote control and bowl of popcorn looking indecisive about what to watch
People who strive to make the best choices in life may be vulnerable to experiencing discontent in their relationships.