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cartoon of three businessmen receiving the money that falls from three pipes in different amounts.
American liberals and conservatives have different views on equity, according to a new study focusing on Moral Foundations Theory, but are not that different from each other when it comes to the “Protestant work ethic.”
Person casting vote into ballot box
Washington, DC / Amsterdam, Netherlands - In light of the election and ballot victories of populist, anti-establishment movements, many people have been trying to better understand the behaviors and motivations of voters.
giant rainbow flag in a Pride Parade
For Asian Americans who are gay or lesbian, their sexual orientation may make them seem more “American” than those who are presumed straight.
Image of a table with w full plates of food, two wine glasses with red wine, and a couple's hands in position to eat
New psychology research reveals 23 - 33% of women in an online study say they’ve engaged in a “foodie call,” where they set up a date for a free meal. These women score high on the “dark triad” of personality traits as well.
Young black couple with can phone on orange background
New research shows that the pronouns individuals use when describing their romantic experiences provide clues about their attachment styles
happy couple play with utensils in a kitchen
A newly published literature review in Personality and Social Psychology Review describes the importance of the person-environment connection.