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Religious believers think God values the lives of out-group members more than they do themselves

Washington, DC - Belief in all powerful supernatural entities that police moral behavior between people has been shown to promote prosocial behavior between co-religionists. But do these effects extend to members of different religious groups?


Resources for Members: Remote Teaching, Coping, and More

To support our members and the community, SPSP is providing a list of resources for teaching and coping during the COVID-19 Pandemic.


Character and Context Blog

Repeating Yourself Is Viewed as Inauthentic

by Rosanna K. Smith and Rachel Gershon

That’s right, repeating yourself is viewed as inauthentic.


What Research on Isolated Groups Tells Us about Dealing with Social Isolation in the Face of COVID-19

by Donelson Forsyth

Sequestering ourselves during the coronavirus pandemic is stressful and challenging, but social psychology provides hints about how to manage.


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